Current Beauty/Skincare faves.

I read a few of these and found them really useful, so I thought that I would give one a go!

All of the products are affordable and from the high street (Boots or Superdrug).

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – £3.99 

This has been a staple in my makeup bag forever! As someone with oilier skin, this really helps to take away the shine and set my foundation. It is so affordable and I love it. I have the transparent one, but it does come in different shades.

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation – £7.99

This is my second tube of this foundation as since I started to use it I have been obsessed. This also works well with my oily skin as it stays on but I wouldn’t say that it gives a completely matte finish. It gives a medium coverage, but hides blemishes very well. It also doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. I have it in shade 10 Ivory.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer – £16.50

I only have the 10ml mini of this product (the full size is 30ml) that I got in a gift set. I love this product as it helps minimise pores and it makes my foundation apply  more nicely and last longer. I will definitely be buying the full sized version as I love this product a lot!

Real Techniques Contour brush – £20.99 for core collection

I bought the core collection a couple of years ago and I still love them so much. I have always used the ‘foundation brush’ for my foundation, but then started to use the ‘contour brush’ and I love it. It is very soft and blends well, you can apply either a thin layer or build up on more problematic areas of your face (this generally tends to be the blemishes on my chin and above my lip). I also enjoy using the other brushes in this set but my favourite is the ‘contour brush’.

MUA Eye Shadow in Chamoisee – £1

I love a cheap and cheerful eye shadow like this, and for the price, this one is very good. It is a beautiful shimmery champagney brown sort of colour. I love shimmery eyes and this one looks gorgeous with some darker brown shadow in the crease.

Collection Shimmer Shades Blush – £?

I have had this for a while and recently rediscovered it. I cannot find it online so I think that it has been discontinued. There are four beautiful shades, two of which are shimmery and two are matte.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash – £3.25

I love this face wash and have used it every day for months. I generally use it in the shower, but you can use it at a sink with a flannel or something. It gives your face a deep wash and removes makeup (although I usually use micellar water before this). After rinsing, your face feels cold and tingly which I like as it tells you that it has worked. It helps to prevent spots and makes my skin feel soft. I would highly recommend this product.

There you have it, my seven current beauty favourites. I hope you find this helpful or enjoyable!

Love, Amelia ❤


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