Some new makeup.

Hi, It has been my birthday recently and I have also been on a little trip to superdrug. I thought I’d combine the two and share some of the things I got.

  1. Golden bar palette – I heart makeup

I am in love with this palette! It has 15 beautiful colours, two of which can be used as highlighter. I have done some swatches of some of the eyeshadows (the picture isn’t great, they are much better in real life!)


2. Goddess of love highlighter – I Heart Makeup

I love this highlighter so much! It is so pretty and adds the most beautiful shimmer to you cheekbones. I’d definitely recommend this product.


3. Eyeshadow Brushes – Eco Tools

These were part of a gift from a friend and I have really enjoyed using them. They are duo ended so in the set, there are 4 brush heads. They are super soft and do a great job.

4. Emphasise Palette – Seventeen (I can’t find a link)

This was part of a gift from my brother and I really like the colours. It has 6 colours, and I am excited to give them a go!

5.  Matte Lip Crayon – No7

This was also from my brother and I have been living in it! I don’t know the name of the colour, but it is beautiful! It doesn’t leave my lips overly dry and it lasts quite a while. It is easy to apply. I love it!


6. i-Devine Palette ‘A New Day’ – Sleek

I know another palette! But I have really been enjoying using this one. There are 12, well pigmented and pretty shades. They complement each other nicely so you can create lots of looks. I would definitely recommend this palette!

7. Lash Sensational Mascara – Maybelline

I bought this a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it so much. I had heard so many positive reviews, so when I needed a new mascara, I thought I’d give it a go. It is incredibly lengthening and adds a great curl to the lashes.

8. Lasting Perfection Foundation – Collection

(I have linked my shade but there are others to choose from)

I bought this the other day. I really like the concealer so when a friend recommended this, I thought I’d try it. I haven’t worn this properly yet, so if you want to see a review, please comment and I can do it in a blog post or on my instagram (@ameliamcblog).

I know there isn’t a logical order, but I hope you liked this little haul post! I have linked everything so if you want to try them please do and let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Amelia ❤


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