Skincare favourites.

Hi, a couple of months ago, I decided that I was going to start to take better care of my skin. I have quite oily and fairly problematic skin, especially when I am hormonal, so the vast majority are probably best for skin like mine, or people with acne. A few of the products I use have charcoal which I have found that my skin loves. All of the products I use can be found at Boots/Superdrug and most supermarkets even. I will try to link them all.


I always like to do a light cleanse/remove my makeup with micellar water, but I also do a deep cleanse most days as I find that this really cleans my skin and helps to prevent spots. I like to use:

Bioré- Charcoal cleanser for oily skin

Clean and Clear- Deep action cream wash

These two both clean really deeply in the pores and I love that cool, tingly feeling that you get, telling you that it has really cleaned your skin.


I then go straight on to an exfoliator. I have found with scrubs in the past that they can spread spots or make them worse but this one doesn’t. I have been really loving using this most days and it really works with my skin. It helps prevent spots and makes my skin feel super smooth and soft. I use:

Bioré- Charcoal scrub


Funnily enough, my favourite masks are both products that you can use as a wash, scrub or mask. The Neutrogena one is slightly gentler but makes my skin feel really soft. I think the Garnier one is my favourite one as it cleans really deeply, dries quite quickly, and makes my skin so soft. The only downside is it is charcoal so it is black which is a pain to get off but it is really fun to wear!

Neutrogena- Visibly clear wash and mask

Garnier- Charcoal Pure Active 3 in 1


Although I have oily skin, it can get dry if I don’t moisturise so I use any Nivea moisturiser as I like them all and they make my skin feel really soft. My favourite oddly enough is actually the one for sensitive skin.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this helpful, I really recommend all of the products that I have talked about and I have linked them all to the pages for them on Boots. They are all really inexpensive but I have found them to work really well. Please leave any suggestions/advice in the comments.

Love, Amelia ❤


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